and Your Organization

SafeLink is a government supported program that provides a free cell phone and free airtime each month to qualifying customers. The goal behind partnering with low– income advocacy groups is to enable more people to become aware of their eligibility for this program and to help generate additional resources for your organization.

How It Works:
  1. Each partner will receive a package of information explaining the program and step by step procedures on how to enroll qualifying customers for a free cell phone and free monthly minutes.
  2. After a group registers and provides the addresses for each participating office, materials will be sent specific for those locations to help applicants.
  3. Going forward your organization will receive the credit it earns for enrolling approved applicants in SafeLink on a quarterly basis.
  4. That is it! Your group gets to help qualifying applicants gain access to telecommunications service while helping your own organization.
  1. is a new and innovative interface created by SafeLink Wireless® for your organization to have all the resources necessary to enroll eligible people at your finger tips.
  2. Once your group enrolls through the website, will allow you to:
    • Create a My Account accessed through a unique Name and Password.
    • Add offices that will be helping to enroll applicants.
    • Track application orders made by offices.
    • Place application orders on your office's behalf.
  3. Once you receive your introductory packet, simply go to to enter your Name and Password and complete the enrollment process.