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This guide will assist you through the process of registering your Agency or Office with It enables you to order FREE products to assist your organization in providing FREE cell phones and FREE monthly minutes to your customers that qualify.

1. Login

Welcome to the home page. Please log-in using your supplied USER NAME and PASSWORD, then click the "LOG-IN" button. This will take you to the next page where you verify the information we have for your organization!


2. Verify Information

Please read through your information and make any necessary corrections. It is important that all your information is accurate and correct because we use this information to ship products to you. Once complete, simply click on "Verify Application" and a Congratulations page will appear.

Verify Information

3. Congratulations

This congratulatory page will appear once you have verified your information. From here, and depending on whether you are an Agency or an Office, you can either:

(For Agencies): Add additional Offices by clicking on the "Add Office" button, or you can go directly to your Agency product order page by clicking the "Create New Order" button.

(For Offices): Begin ordering products by clicking the "Create New Order" button.


4. Home (For Agencies)

On this link you will be able to view a listing of all Offices under your management. Also, you can add additional Offices or place orders for your Offices. Simply click on the appropriate link as shown in the screenshot below.


5. Add Office (For Agencies)

As an Agency, when you click on the "Add Office" button, you will be required to fill out all the necessary registration information for each Office. This information is used to communicate with you, to ship products, and to credit your Agency appropriately.

Office Registration

6. Place Order

Simply enter the amount of each product you would like to receive. Once finished click the "Place Order" button to proceed with your order.

Place Order

7. Verify Order

This is where you will confirm your order. Once you click the "Place Order" button, the order will be confirmed and finalized. You can also change your order by clicking the "Make Changes" button. Of course, you can log back in at anytime to create new orders!

Confirm Order

8. Order Complete

You will see this Order Complete page once your order has been finalized, it should coincide with what you just ordered. At this time feel free to browse through any of the links to the left in the "Manage Account" box. Here you can choose to view "Order History", check on "Pending Orders", and "Edit Account" information.

Order Complete

9. Pending Orders

When you click the "Pending Orders" button, you will see a listing of your recent orders. Click on "Shipped" to see FedEx tracking information for your order.

Pending Orders

10. Fedex

This FedEx tracking page will appear and shows the status of your order.


We thank you for participating in this program and look forward to serving your organization and its customers! Again, if you have any questions please visit the other links on the site or email us at